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Serge Beresnev - Wordpress custom themes Mentor - Codementor


<aside> πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Probably the best description for what I'm actually doing is an External Product Visionary for your business: skilled full-stack web developer with unique design vision, UX-driven business analyst forged in dozens of product marketing campaigns


Hey, stranger πŸ‘‹

What if you'd have less then a minute to check each profile? What would you ask?

<aside> πŸ”₯ It's not an easy job, so let me help you a bit with this lovely handcrafted β€œelevator's pitch” and give you a 200-symbol overview:


”...9yrs full-stack web-dev‍ 2yrs as a team-lead in industry-grade tech-llc 9yrs of building / running IT-company and digital agency as a CTO/CPO/CMO: Personal count of launched products: 532”

I do know much in tech domain πŸ•Ά as well as in running a business β€” starting from the being an owner, CEO, CMO and CTO down to the atomic structure of how business works β€” in terms of sales, branding, design, it-part, business processes and all related.

Basically I’ve been doing product development for 15 years already. Since 2012, almost 9 year I’ve ran digital creative agency based on IT-company.

Then what's this? A CV? You've run bankrupt?

Oh, not really. I've found out that the next challenge should be excepted outside. Next month I’m delegating duties to my wife and looking for the experience that can’t be received anywhere but in single-product company w/t ⌨ 30+ team-mates.

Bet your team wouldn't mind the reinforcement of senior, all-rounded, multi-skilled and seen some shit?

Yeah, it's me, looking for the next big challenge

Nice to meet you!

<aside> ☝ Worth mentioning: Don't hesitate to ask me a question or ask for a help β€” I'm not that kind of greedy guy in an endless race for the money. I'm pretty sure that money is just a side effect of helping people achieve their goals and goals of their business. And the best currency (no, it's not Bitcoin πŸ˜… is a currency of knowledge and expertise.

And that's what this all is about πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ“


The details

I've gained (and continue to develop myself) fundamental experience out of: